Pacific Rim Labs | World Class Facilities & Equipment

Formed in 2003 PRL is led by two highly experienced chemists, David Hope and Patrick Pond, each with over 30 years’ experience in trace organic analysis.

Pacific Rim Laboratories in Surrey, BC is a niche market laboratory with world class facilities, knowledge and equipment, and are fully accredited to work globally for the analysis of dioxins, PCB’s, and other Persistent Organic Pollutants.


Testing and Reporting in line with what you require; results explained in a way you understand

Our team becomes familiar with the rules and regulations for your specific area and region -- regulations around dioxins, PCB’s and Organochlorine Pesticides, like DDT, for example -- and ensures all testing and reporting is exactly in line with what you require.

After nearly four decades in the industry, we know how to explain the regulations in your region in common terms, then work with you to help you understand the intricacies of detection limits and how they relate to regulatory limits, for example.

We also offer advice and clarification the entire way through each project, so that you understand what the analysis means and why it matters. You learn how to clearly explain the results to others in your organization or to government regulators.

PRL can test substantially under the limit required by most jurisdictions, making false positives improbable. Since we have the ability to test as low as parts per quintillion, 10-18 there is never a question that the data is sound.

And because of our high standing in the industry, we work closely with equipment manufacturers, beta testing new products to help them discover new ways of improving already intricate, finely tuned equipment.