2019AnnualManualStackTestReport_Page_01.jpg  Annual Trace Organics Emission Report Waste-to-Energy Facility, August 2019 Survey. Metro Vancouver, 2019.

Conducted PCDD/F, PCB, HBC, CP, 2019 --> READ

2018Attachment04MMRPLimitedPhaseIIESAJuly2018pic.png  Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment - Maplewood Marine Restoration Project, Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver, BC, July 2018.

Conducted Tributyltin analysis, 2018 --> READ

Pagesfrom20191800198parcelcaddendumcombinedfinalfeb262019.jpg  Surface Soil Quality Assessment Verte Homesteader (Former Wood Treatment Facility: Parcel C). Millennium. Alberta Environment and Parks. Feb 2019.

Conducted dioxins and furans analysis, 2017 --> READ

2017KCEchoLakeRetrofitMonitoring_FinalReportpic.jpg  Monitoring Stormwater Retrofits in the Echo Lake Drainage Basin – SAM Effectiveness Study – Final Report. King County Department of natural Resources and Parks, Seattle WA, Dec 2017.  

Conducted PCB analysis, 2017 --> READ

2017kcr2868pic.jpg  Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station: Excavated Material and Sediment Characterization. King County Wastewater Treatment Division, WA. April 2017.

Conducted dioxins/furans analysis, 2017 --> READ

2016KCPCBFinalQAPPPages.jpgQuality Assurance Project Plan: Bioretention Capture Efficacy of PCBs from Stormwater–RSMP Effectiveness Study. King County Department of natural Resources and Parks, Seattle WA, Dec 2016.

Team member, 2016 --> READ


Conducted PDB analysis, 2015 --> READ

Pagesfrom2014TR682020Hopkins2020Metals20and20PAH.jpgMeasured Concentrations of Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Plants, Berries and Soil Located in the Oil Sands Region North of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Debra Hopkins, Kaitlyn Wall and Chantale Wilson, Policy Integration Branch, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development, OSRIN, Dec 2014. 

Conducted Me-Hg and PAH analyses, 2014 --> READ

2014Duteau_Creek_Pilot_Testing_Filtration_Report__V.3.jpg  Duteau Creek WTP – Filtration Pilot Testing. Regional District North Okanagan, October, 2014. 

Conducted NDMA analyses, 2014 --> READ

Pagesfrom2011FNFNES_Report_BC_FINAL_PRINT_v2lo.jpg  First Nations Food, Nutrition and Environment Study - Results from British Columbia (2008/2009).

Conducted dioxin, furan and PBDE analyses, 2011 --> READ

Marine Sediment Investigation and Management Options Assessment, Ladysmith Harbour, Ladysmith, BC. Golder and Associates. December 21, 2011.

Conducted PAH analysis, 2011 --> READ

Production of dioxins and furans from the burning of excess gun propellant. Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier, Technical Report DRDC Valcartier TR 2009-365, January 2011. 

Conducted dioxins and furans analysis, 2011 --> READ

San Antonio Statement on Brominated and Chlorinated Flame Retardants. Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 118, No. 12 | Editorial. 

Signatory, 2010 --> READ

Liberty Lake Source Trace Study Regarding PCB, PBDE, Metals, and Dioxin/Furan – A Pilot Project for Spokane Basin Source Tracing, October 2010, revised October 2012. Publication No. 10-04-027. 

Conducted PCB, dioxin/furan, grain size analyses, 2010 --> READ

Oil and Gas Development and the Potential for Contamination of Moose (Alces alces) in Northeast BC, Petroleum Society, PAPER 2007-092.  

Conducted PAH analysis, 2007 --> READ

Chemical Characterization of Stormwater Runoff from Three Puget Sound Boatyards. Washington State Department of Ecology. December, 2006.

Conducted organotin and grain size analyses, 2006 --> READ

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Author – Pore Water TBT Extraction Procedure, 2005 --> READ