Standard temperature and pressure

August 7th, 2019 in Pond's Pondering

We had a request to expand on consistency -- i.e. all testing under the same conditions.

1. In the lab, it's known as STP. If you don't understand why, go have a cup of tea at Mount Everest base camp.

a. So, wherever you are in the world, to get consistent results with another lab, you need to ensure you both have highly similar conditions. Why? Well, I hate Physical Chemistry so go look it up yourself.

b. This also means all supplies you use in the lab should be treated the same: columns, drying solids, solvents, glassware...

A. All of which, if you write a proper SOP, should be stated.

c. A lab in Bogotà, Colombia, situated at 2850 m above sea level, needs to use isooctane for their extraction, but we can get away with using dichloromethane (which would be too volatile for the Colombian lab)

2. As stated in blog 001, we are paid to be consistent. I cannot emphasize enough: This is the base of our industry.

a. If you're unable to work in this environment, go be a clown or make "happy drugs" (legally) for others. But don't design a better hemorrhoid cream (you really want that to be your legacy?)

"So Pat," I asked seriously, "What's wrong with making better hemorrhoid cream?"

Pat said nothing.

I suppose I should sit on it for a while.

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Particularly points 1b. and 1c. And it is duly noted that we should get his stories right if we're going to use them.