Will It ASE - hair gel

February 22nd, 2023 in Learning
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A sticky gooey mess with over 20 natural ingredients a sample like a hair gel would be a disaster for most labs to handle.  What mix of solvents can you add that would ensure you get all of the target chemicals out of a mess of a product like that!

In comes the ASE - using high pressure and high temperature our Thermo Dionex takes extraction well beyond the industry norm.  We have used this for a range of the standard matrices we see such as soils, waters and foods - using the ASE gives us assurance we are doing one of the most thorough extractions possible.  While swirling with a few chemicals works for most, we use this method in every case possible for the added confidence it gives us.  But can it ASE a hair gel?


THE ANSWER IS YES - we ran this sample and tested for dioxins and furans and using our isotopic dilution standards we validated it works and works well!