At Pacific Rim Labs, we offer scientific analysis services that cover various domains including environmental, food, pharmaceuticals, materials science, and more.

Based in Surrey, BC, Canada, PRL is a global leader in ultra-trace contaminant testing and is one of the most experienced high resolution mass spectrometry testing labs in the world.

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About Pacific Rim Labs

ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with world class facilities.

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Suite of organic contaminants (POPs and CECs) with the lowest limits.

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We have a standard 3 week timeline, and can offer rush service.

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Capacity to manage large scale projects and R&D.

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Level 4 reporting and EDD options available for all projects.

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Niche Industry?
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With a focus on niche industries, we're the go-to choice for specialized testing. Our laboratory is equipped to handle the unique demands of environmental, pharmaceutical, and materials science analysis. Whether you're in need of food and beverage analysis or water quality testing, we have the expertise to provide actionable insights.

Pacific Rim Labs

One of the few labs offering ultra-trace services in the US

Proudly servicing Pacific Northwest states including Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.

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