Shipping to Pacific rim laboratories inc

General Shipping

  • Who should I ship with?
    • We recommend FedEx or Purolator as we find they simplify the process the best out of all couriers.
  • Who/Where do I send it?
    • Our Contact info is Bjorn Hope, +1 (604) 532-8711,
    • Our address is #103 19575 55A Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3S 8P8, Canada.
  • Do I ship ground or priority?
    • This depends on your needs. Ground is cheaper but takes longer. For samples with shorter hold times, or that are temperature sensitive we recommend priority shipping.
  • Do I need to fill out any paperwork to go with my shipment?

USA & International Shipping

  • How do I make a commercial invoice?
    • FedEx will assist you with your commercial invoice needs.
    • All items sent should be listed on the commercial invoice. When shipping samples indicate what they are (water, soil, etc...) and that they are for laboratory analysis. Each individual sample should have a value of $1.
    • Terms of Sale should be left blank or set to delivered at place
  • Is any other paperwork required?
    • Water samples do not require additional paperwork
    • All soil samples MUST include our soil import permit.
    • For any other samples please contact to ensure we can successfully import your samples.