TBT Analysis

Tributyltin Oxide (TBT) has been used as an anti-fouling paint on commercial ships for decades, inhibiting mollusks or barnacles from attaching themselves to ships. However, it has also been recognized as a toxic chemical that causes reproductive defects in and death of crustaceans and is a listed POP.

Organotins like TBT are a common problem on both coasts of North America, and is a growing concern in the great lakes. Pacific Rim Laboratories is one of the leading labs for Organotin analysis,  helping to develop the provincial methods and accredited to analyze to ultra-trace levels, which detects TBT down to one part per trillion in water and one part per billion in sediment.

We including TBT degradation products Dibutlytin (DBT) and Monobutyltin (MBT) in our results - these are also used in some plastic manufacturing so it might not be sourced from the TBT.  We also have the option to analyze for triphenyltin.

tributyltin oxide

Tributyltin oxide (dimer)