The Process - Sampling to Results

1. Consultation

Our clients start at the top, right from their first contact with us. Owner, CEO, and Chief Chemist David Hope will initially consult with you for free, then formalize our working relationship once we’ve decided that our lab is the best fit for your needs.

David relies on 35 years in the field to help you lay the groundwork for your project, which can save you a lot of time, effort and money, by steering you in the right direction from day one. And if Dave is not available, talk with Patrick Pond (Chief Technical Officer). His knowledge of trace organic analysis is complemented by his unique knowledge of world history!

2. Sampling

If, after your initial conversation, we decide to work together, we begin with the samples you submit to the lab, providing you with a chain of custody for each sample and if needed, notifying you on arrival, as well as tracking each test and special request.

We do this from an 850 square meter facility that contains both a dedicated food lab and a dedicated environmental lab to ensure the samples are not cross contaminating between the two.

We have three high resolution mass spectrometers, all dual GC Thermo Scientific DFS, the most sensitive instruments available in the industry. In addition, we have one Thermo TSQ8000 Evo to handle analyses that do not need high resolution, but still need the ultimate in sensitivity. And we have ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, which is accepted by countries around the world.

3. Results

Results from Pacific Rim Laboratories typically take 3-4 weeks and are most commonly delivered via a signed PDF report. A hard copy of that report is available as well, if requested.

Reports can be customized for our clients as well, including specific formatting, (multiple samples on one page or one sample per page, for instance), alphabetical order, or another order required by your particular organization.

It’s important to us that you understand each aspect of the process as well as the results, taking the mystery out of the analysis so that you can easily communicate the findings to others in your organization.

It’s these standards that have helped us develop a strong track record of working both domestically and internationally, with clients in our own back yard and around the world.